What Do Dressage plus Barrel Racing plus Perfomance Horses add up to?

Barrel Racing

What Do Dressage plus Barrel Racing plus Perfomance Horses add up to?

Not an expert on dressage, the reining horse, performance horses or the cutting horse? That’s okay, you don’t need to be an expert on any of these subjects to use them as great clues for creating your special Gift Bucket, Tote or Scoop.

You’re going to find some Specialty Horse Gift Ideas on this page to add to your bucket, tote or scoop to show your horse fan that what he or she cares about is important to you too. Whether it’s related to dressage, endurance riding or another riding discipline, adding a theme gift will provide that personal touch that tells your recipient he or she is special.

Hope you have enjoyed our gift ideas pages and have already begun building your gift bucket, tote or scoop. If you haven’t, that’s okay too. You can just get some ideas here on the different riding disciplines and specialty areas like dressage, hunter jumper, persformance horses, the cutting horse and reining horse, barrel racing, endurance riding, rodeo, and more. Then choose your favorites to help create that special horse lovers gift for your horse fan.

Some of the horse items you’ll see below will be for a specific riding discipline or area of concentration, like dressage, reining, etc., and some will be more general, like horse gifts for the english rider or western rider. You may wish to choose some gift items from both categories to give yourself a bigger selection of gift ideas to choose from.

I found a very good selection at these online stores: PETsMART.com and BackintheSaddle.com. Well, let’s get started.



How To Win Videos from PETsMART.com

How To Win Videos for Western and English riders. Robert Milkie, internationally-known judge, gives winning tips for three events. Each video covers common mistakes, what a judge is looking for, why understanding the rules is more important than having the best horse, tips for practice at home and sound advice for exhibitors of all ages. 50 min. each. For english riders, there’s Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Hack and Hunt Seat Equitation. For western riders, there’s Western Horsemanship, Western Pleasure and Western Showmanship.

Ariat Carry-All Bag from PETsMART.com

Ariat™ Carry-All Bag
A handy item to use at horse shows. Features two large exterior pockets, a magnetic closure pocket holds PDS, cell phone, pen holder and a key clip. Roomy, zippered main section has mesh pockets and an interior zip security pocket. Large zippered exterior pocket. You can find this at Shop at PETsMART.com

Professional’s Choice Tail Wrap and Jammies Tail Bag

Professional's Choice Tail Wrap from PETsMART.comJammies Tail Bag from PETsMART.com
Help your recipient get his or her horse to the show in mint condition. Essential when trailering, the Tail Wrap is made of neoprene to help prevent the rubbing of hair and bruising of the tailbone. It can also be used for breeding purposes. With three hook and loop closures. One size fits all. You can also help your recipient’s horse maintain a beautiful tail year round. The three piece design and 4-way stretch Lycra means a Tail Bag that stays put. Easy to apply.

Lycra Sleazy Print from PETsMART.comGrooma ManeMaster from PETsMART.com
Let’s not forget the rest of the horse on show day. A Lycra Sleazy Prints will preserve the hard work your showman put into grooming. Slips on without zippers to protect braiding, train a mane, keep coat shiny and face and neck clean. Super stretchy and easy to fasten. Elastic girth with Velcro. For getting that mane just right in the first place, the Grooma ManeMaster is a priceless tool. Your horse fan will never pull a mane again. Comb with thinning edge trims hair fast and painlessly. Instructions included.

Absorbine(TM) SuperShine Hoof Polish from PETsMART.com

Now let’s complete the look with Absorbine(TM) SuperShine Hoof Polish for the finishing touch. Creates a mirror-like finish; dries in seconds. Repeated use will not harm feet as it does not penetrate hoof wall. 8 oz.

Monogrammed Fleece Dress Sheet from PETsMART.com

Monogrammed Fleece Dress Sheet
Perfect for horse shows with a quick-release front closure that has two durable plastic buckles. This attractive dress sheet made from non-pilling fleece, can also be used as a cooler. Sheet maintains a clean look with the hidden belly surcingle which also features a plastic quick-release buckle. Contoured fit and tail cord keep the sheet sleekly in place. Euro-neckline. You can even persoalize it with 3 initials.

And last, but certainly not least, these items makes a great gift container, or can certainly stand alone as an excellent gift for your showman. You can go for functional or fancy with this gift idea.

Weather -Resistant Tack Trunk from PETsMART.comDeluxe Black Tack Trunk With Wheels from jPETsMART.com
The Weather -Resistant Tack Trunk is economical, lightweight and attractive Duralite, this trunk is ideal for the tack room or the show circuit. It includes an easy-to-clean plastic tray and a handy, portable plastic tote. Add your own lock for secure storage. 21″ H x 19″ W x 32″ L. The Deluxe Black Tack Trunk With Wheels is ideal for the tack room or shows because the trunk moves about easily on two wheels. All-wood contruction with tough vinyl covering cleans up easily and will keep its good looks for years. With removable grooming box and wooden tray for grooming tools. Brass-plated hardware and locks. Leather handles and tongue-and-groove closures. 16″ H x 16 3/4″ W x 30″ L.


We’ll start with some Saddle Trail Accessories that both the english and western trail rider would be thrilled to receive.

English Saddle Trail Accessories from BackintheSaddle.comWestern Saddle Trail Accessories from BackintheSaddle.com

hese compact, ingenious saddle packs hold a ton of stuff and stay firmly in place, even at a gallop. The generously padded Pommel Stowaway, with 7 zippered compartments and extra elastic loop straps, keeps the weight off your horse’s withers by attaching snugly to your billets and front D-rings. The Rear Stowaway slips behind your cantle with scratch-free fleece lining and secures with adjustable fast-release straps. It gives you one-handed access to two water bottles kept cool in insulated holders, plus five zippered compartments to hold everything else you could possibly need for a day ride. Durable, waterproof Ripstop nylon. The thick, cushy merino sheepskin Seat Pad protects your saddle and prevents chafing. Pommel Stowaway: Fits English and Western Saddles English Rear Stowaway: Has a 11 1/2″ sleeve that fits over the cantle. Western Rear Stowaway: Sits on skirting behind cantle. You’ll find these items at Back In The Saddle On Line Catalog – Gifts and Apparel for Horse Lovers

Ride To Music: Waist Pack And Speakers from BackintheSaddle.comRide To Music: Waist Pack And Speakers
Horses absolutely adore music! It encourages rhythm and forward movement and quiets the mind when played while riding. This specially designed, patented waist pack is sized to hold an MP3® or iPod® player, or most cassette and CD players. Comes with two Sony® speakers, so you can ride to music safely without headphones. Made of 430-denier nylon with elastic, it attaches securely around your waist with adjustable waistband. Simply connect to the speakers, turn it up, and begin the dance! Weight: 8 ounces. You’ll find this at Back In The Saddle On Line Catalog – Gifts and Apparel for Horse Lovers

Fixaphone Active Cell Phone Holder from BackintheSaddle.com

Keep your cell phone handy while you’re out on the trail. Fixaphone™ is specially designed for an active lifestyle. The soft, lightweight neoprene case straps securely to your arm or leg. Convenient and comfortable to wear with Velcro® closures. Machine washable.Case: 2″ x 4″. Adjustable Strap: Fits up to 15″ around arm or leg. You can find it at Back In The Saddle On Line Catalog – Gifts and Apparel for Horse Lovers

Reflective Hat Band from BackintheSaddle.com

Reflective Hat Band
Ride safely! Make yourself highly visible with fluorescent, reflective tapes that glow during the day and dazzle when illuminated by headlights. Great for both English and Western riders.


English Exercises Book from PETsMART.com

English Exercises Book
Beginner: balance, rhythm, gaits and more. Intermediate: bending, transitions, lateral work. Advanced: mastering lateral work, collection and lead changes. 32 pp each.

Jumps, Etc. Book from PETsMART.com

Jumps, Etc. Book
Clear directions and photos show you how easy it is to build jumps, dressage arenas and more. Each project includes complete materials list, detailed instructions, plans and helpful photos. 96 pp.

Practical Eventing by Sally O'Connor from PETsMART.com
Practical Eventing by Sally O’Connor
Sally O’Connor helps every eventer from the lower levels through Preliminary, offering guidance and advice, especially for those without the resources for extensive training with professionals. She leaves nothing unsaid in the way of choice of horse, daily schedule, longeing, use of gymnastics, and actual riding of competition. Generously illustrated with over 140 photos and 30 illustrations. 160pp. HC.

Dressage from A to X from PETsMART.com

Dressage from A to X
From the basics of the sport to the minutest of details, Barbara Burkhardt provides information on preparing oneself and one’s horse mentally and physically, choosing shows, memorizing and riding the dressage test, selecting and caring for appropriate and legal equipment, grooming, developing a warm-up, evaluating performance, and planning for future improvement. 288 pages. PB.

Equestrian Pierced Earrings – Hunt Cap or Dressage Tri Color Horse Pin or Jumping Horse and Rider Charm

Equestrian Pierced Earrings - Hunt Cap from PETsMART.comJumping Horse and Rider Charm from BackintheSaddle.comDressage Tri Color Horse Pin from PETsMART.com

Equestrian Pierced Earrings – Hunt Cap or Dressage Tri Color Horse pin or Jumping Horse and Rider Charm (which you can find at Back In The Saddle On Line Catalog – Gifts and Apparel for Horse Lovers
These earrings are simply stunning! Pierced styles with hypoallergenic posts. Gift boxed for easy giving. In this pin, three colors of metal–brass, pewter and copper–are beautifully understated and a pleasure to wear, and give. This delicate sterling charm is the perfect way to commemorate a horse show, birthday or any special occasion. They’re lightweight and quite tiny, yet incredibly detailed, so there’s a lot to appreciate. It’s fun and satisfying to watch a charm collection grow over time.

Solid Brass English Saddle Bridle Bracket from PETsMART.comSolid Brass Jumper Key Ring Holder from PETsMART.comSolid Brass English Saddle Bridle Bracket or Solid Brass Jumper Key Ring Holder The highly-finished brass Bridle Bracket will add a polished look to any tack room wall or a bright ‘horsey’ touch to your home. Designed to hold bridles in the correct position.Screws included. 2 3/4 in. high by 2 1/2 in. wide by 2 1/2 in. deep. The highly-finished brass Key Ring Holder is an elegant accent at the door.Screws included. 5 in. high by 7 in. wide by 1 1/4 in. deep.

No-Slip Grip Dressage Whip by County - 39 inch from PETsMART.comWooden Whip Holder from PETsMART.comNo-Slip Grip Dressage Whip by County – 39 inch and Wooden Whip Holder Well balanced, nylon woven thread covered firberglass shaft with a spiral-look handle, woven rubber grip and molded plastic mushroom cap.5 in. nylon whip popper.Made in England. Organize up to 13 whips and bats in a barn aisle, tack room or arena with this Whip Holder.In birch with pine.Honey pine finish. 4 1/4 in. high by 11 1/2 in. long. Made in U.S.A.

Or maybe a Jumping Bat with a Easy grip handle. (20″L) or a Kincade Kid’s Crop, which is a great size for young riders (with wrist loop. 16″ long) is right for your horse fan.

Jumping Bat from PETsMART.comKincade Kid's Crop from PETsMART.com

Stirrup Slipper from PETsMART.com

Stirrup Slipper
Soft, quilted stirrup holder keeps stirrups in their “run up” position to prevent them from thumping horse during longeing. Protects stirrups from saddle in storage.

11-Piece Ultimate Braiding Kit from PETsMART.com

11-Piece Ultimate Braiding Kit
Rug hook, yarn ripper, long needle, braid aid, two hair clips, pulling comb, brush, scissors, razor, spray bottle, quick release belt. Suede case in assorted colors.


Western Exercises Book from PETsMART.com

Western Exercises Book
For the do-it-yourself trainer. Beginner: rider balance to beginning bending work. Intermediate: half-turns, serpentines, lateral work. Advanced: fine tuning transitions, mastering lateral work and lead changes. PB. 32 pages each.

Western Practice Lessons Book By Charlene Strickland from PETsMART.com
Western Practice Lessons Book By Charlene Strickland
Highly visual collection of riding exercises builds specific Western riding skills and fosters greater communication between horse and rider. Effective step-by-step lessons feature a complete description of gaits and movements, purpose and benefits, analysis and instructions, cautions, and tips for a better performance.

Al Dunning Signature Series Videos - Reining I & II from PETsMART.com

Al Dunning Signature Series Videos – Reining I & II Internationally-know competitor and trainer and best selling author of ‘Reining,’ Al Dunning takes you through choosing your horse and equipment to basic training, cutting and reining. 60 min. each. Dunning’s progressive approach to training a reining horse. Essential for anyone who wants a more responsive, light and collected horse.

Powerline 30' Head Rope or Powerline 35' Heel Rope from PETsMART.com

Powerline 30′ Head Rope or Powerline 35′ Heel Rope

Martha Josey Super Knot Barrel Reins from PETsMART.com

Martha Josey Super Knot Barrel Reins – Solids and Stripes
Martha Josey, WPRA & AQHA World Champion, designed these professional-quality reins with knots to give young riders a reference point and experienced riders better purchase on the reins. Tough braided nylon. U.S.A.

Charmayne James Air Ride Barrel Pad from PETsMART.comNeon Barrel Pads from PETsMART.comCharmayne James Air Ride Barrel Pad or Neon Barrel Pads The Air Ride Barrel Saddle Pad conforms to both the horse and saddle, and produces a lock-down effect for a more secure and com-fortable ride.The close contact of the Air Ride helps you on the tight turns around the barrel.Contoured and extremely light-weight, the Air Ride Barrel Pad is available to accommodate both square and round skirted saddles.Or maybe your recipient would like to add a bright flair to his or her next event.1″ jute-filled pad is padded and fleece lined.

Twenty X Roper Elite Pad from PETsMART.com

Twenty X Roper Elite Pad
Air Ride suspension system, felt and foam layers. 31″ x 31″. Provides the ultimate in comfort and functionality.

Black Hills Cowboy Boot Gold Necklace from PETsMART.comRetro Western Bracelets from PETsMART.comBlack Hills Cowboy Boot Gold Necklace or Retro Western Bracelets Handcrafted with amazing detail, in glistening sterling silver.Give this necklace as a special good luck charm. With these bracelets, colorful images of the old-time West are wonderfully appropriate with faded jeans by day or a dress with flair at night.Glossy little photo tiles are strung on a super-stretchy monofilament string. 7″.One size fits most.

Well, that about wraps up the theme gifts for now. Of course, I’ll be adding more as I find them.

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