Unique Gift Ideas For Making Memories With Your Horse Fan.

Horse events

This page is dedicated to helping you find that special place or event where you and your horse enthusiast can make some lasting memories together. We’ve put together some suggestions and resources to help you find just the right event or location to experience with your horse lover. Unique gift ideas that include you as part of the package make truly special gifts indeed.

Let’s get started, shall we? By the way, if you have any ideas or resource that we could add to this page, we would love to hear from you. You can send us that information through our
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page. We’d be pleased not only to add that information to this page, but to give you the credit for it as well.

Back to some unique gift ideas. The first thing that comes to mind is attending a horse show together. This is especially great for the horseless horse lover and the beginner. Of course, if your horse fan is actually participating in shows, we have some more ideas a little futher on to address that situation.

There are lots of choices for horse shows. You can choose a local 4-H or open show on up to a state or national show. Be sure to choose one that corresponds with your horse lover’s interests, such as english versus western, or a breed specific show like a Quarter Horse or Arabian show. You can get information for 4-H shows and events by going to
selecting your state in the 4-H State Web Links at the top of the page, and selecting the state 4-H link. This will take you to your state’s Extension site, where you will find lots of great information along with an events calendar. You can also find some great information on Horse Parks and Show Centers in your area at

For some offline sources of information, your local feedstore and tack shops usually have a bulletin board with local events posted on them. These are also a great souce of information for Rodeos and Horse Clinics in your area, which opens up so other avenues for horse events to attend.

Rodeos are another great choice for an entertaining day to spend with your horse enthusiast, particularly for those of the western persuasion. Once my daughter saw the barrel racing, she was hooked. For ranch rodeos, local team penning and roping events, your local feedstores and tack shops will probably be your best source of information. For high school rodeos, college rodeos, and national rodeos, here are some links that should be helpful in finding an event in your area:







Horse clinics are a wonderful event choice. Choosing one within the right riding discipline, they are suitable for beginners to experts alike. There is always something more to learn, and we should never stop improving ourselves. As mentioned above, check with your local feed and tack stores, as well as the 4-H website. In addition to these resources, we have found some national horse events calendars that may prove helpful in your search for an equine activity. These event calendars cover multiple disciplines and types of events, and have search by state features that make them easy to use.


Going to a horse race is another option. There are several types of horse races you could attend, like Thoroughbred racing, Standardbred racing (harness racing), Quarter Horse races, etc. Here are some online resources to help you locate a track in your area:





How about a Horse Museum or Horse Park? A trip to one of these places would make a wonderful outing for you and your horse enthusiast. You may already know where to look for this information for your area, but we have included some online resouces to assist you.



Hopefully you’ve found something that sparks your interest or triggered an idea of your own. Now let’s see how we can personalize this special horse gift. There are actually a couple of ways. First, make a fancy gift certificate to accompany your tickets or info brochure informing your recipient of the impending event or location you will attend together. Make sure you give some details about your outing, what it’s about, the date you’ll be going, etc. Don’t forget to include the occasion for which the gift is being presented, date, your name, etc. Make the certificate in Microsoft Word using “wordart” and fancy script, and USE COLORS to make it BOLD and STRIKING.

We’ll be adding new ideas and resources as we find them or receive them in an effort to give you the best unique gift ideas and resources we can for you and your horse fan. Keep checking back to see what’s new.

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