Looking For That Perfect Horse Gift For Your Horse Loving Sweetie?

Finding just the right horse gift for your sweetheart can be a challenge. So I’ve put together some gift ideas for him, for her, and for both. Whether your looking for more of a traditional horse lover gift or a really personalized, creative gift idea for your horse lovin’ sweetheart, I believe you’ll find enough horse gift ideas on this page to get those creative juices flowing.

Let’s jump right in and start with some horse gifts that would work for either him or her. I’m going to challenge you to get pretty creative for some of these gift ideas. Ready to get started? We’re going to start with a horse lover gift that’s both creative and really personal.

Idea for Horse Gift: a photo gift. We’re going to get some help from Shutterfly.com for this idea. For this creative gift idea, you’ll need a digital camera. Don’t have one? Borrow one. Chances are you know someone who does have one. Better yet, borrow them too. You just may need some help to get the picture(s) that you need.

Okay, so you’ve got the use of a digital camera. Now you need to decide on what kind of picture gift you want to create. For a Digital Photo T-Shirt, I would suggest a picture of you with your horse fan’s favorite horse. Shutterfly.com is a terrific place to have this gift made because they allow you to add a caption to your t-shirt. Now here’s where you need to get creative. If the you and your sweetheart’s horse are both male, you could use something like: “My Two Favorite Guys” (or Studs if the horse is a stallion.) If both female, then “My Two Best Gals!” would work great.

If the genders are different, mix it up a little: “My Favorite Guy and My Best Buddy!” Or how about “My Two Best Friends!” Or even something like “Sure Glad I Don’t Have To Choose Between Them!” or “I’ve Got It All!” Personally, I tend to be a bit on the corny/sappy side when it comes to things like this. You need to come up with the caption that works for you and your horse lovin’ sweetie.

Are you feeling really creative? Let’s go the extra mile on this one and add a romantic touch. Get yourself some red or gold or silver sparkly or puffy fabric paint, draw a heart around the photo on the t-shirt and viola, the perfect sweetheart horse gift! I told you I was on the corny/sappy side, didn’t I? It just adds a bit of romantic flair to your gift that shows your sweetheart just how special he or she is to you.

Do you like the idea of a photo gift but not sure about a t-shirt? Grab a digital photo of you and your sweetheart and one of your sweetie and his or her horse and have a Digital Photo Mug (11 oz. white) or two made for a fantastic horse gift. Then your horse crazy sweetie can start the day off thinking about the important things in life.

Want a horse gift that’s a little more substantial but still personal and creative? Have a digital photo taken of you and your recipient’s horse and have it immortalized on canvas with a 20×30 Canvas Print from Shutterfly.com. Better yet, for a gift that is really one-of-a-kind, send that photo (digital or traditional) to an artist specializing in turning photos into portrait treasues. I recommend either Jerry Schuster or Nicholas Beall as both do beautiful work. To check out Jerry Schuster’s work, Click Here to go to Portraitking. For a look at what Nicholas Beall offers, click on Melanie Phillips & Nicholas Beall Horse & Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers. Either of these artists could create a lasting treasure for your horse enthusiast sweetheart.

Now, in case you don’t have the time or the inclination to get that creative, let’s look at some more traditional ideas for a sweetheart horse gift. And let’s start with the hard one first, a gift for HIM.

For Now, we’ll take a look at some horse jewelry and accessories that are perfect for the horse loving man in your life.

Handmade Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Horse Money Clip

Horse Money Clip
How about this amazing Money Clip, every Equestrian Gentleman could use one of these. Made by Esquivel and Fees, the design is made of Nickel and is set with Sterling Silver and 2 yellow 14kt gold initials of your choice, which can be engraved with your loved ones initials to make it more personal and to be a constant reminder of the gift giver.

14k Gold Embossed Horsehead Ring

14k Gold Embossed Horsehead RING supplied by Heavenly Treasures, A signature look in 14k gold that is sure to please the horse loving man on your gift list. He’s sure to think of you every time he wears it!

14K Gold Hackney Horse Cuff Links

Hackney Cufflinks
These prancing 14 kt gold Hackney Horse Cuff Links will add a bit of elegance to his wardrobe for a day at the office or for those special occasions. Supplied by Equestrian.com these are also available in White Gold.

Horse Shoe Nail Ring

Supplied by Fangjewelry.com this horseshoe nail ring makes a stunning and unusual gift. According to their website early settlers didnt have much money so the blacksmith would fashion horse shoe nails into wedding or engagement rings. We think this would make a great promise ring too!

Racehorse Cufflinks

Racehorse Cufflinks
These racehorse cufflinks are supplied by the Cufflinks Depot and are just perfect if your special man is a racing fan. Made in Pewter they are reasonably priced and very detailed.

Mary Jurek Horse Head Letter Opener

This letter opener is made with Stainless Steel and is dishwasher safe. This is perfect if your intended recipient has a home office – especially with one of those large executive style desks.

Sculpture Horsehead Keychain

Sculpted Horse Head Key Ring
This incredibly detailed key chain is available from the English Pewter Company, it is cast in solid pewter and features a long mane with a bridle and is a really nice gift for around 20. It comes in its own gift box so its presented very nicely.

Keepsake Box

This lovely Keepsake box by Cafepress.com is available in Black or Chestnut Wood with many different images as standard, or you can upload your own photo to make it truly personal. Perfect as a unique gift box to put a special present in, or in its own right as a gift.


Crystal Bridle

If you know a bit about horses yourself, and are aware of what size tack to buy, you could go one step further, really splash out and combine your other halves favourite colour with some beautiful bespoke horse tack from Pink Equine. These beautiful handmade bridles can be purchased in any colour and stone combination. They are finished with your choice of swarovski crystals.

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