How To Get Amazing Results From Your Horse

As you likely know, a horse is very much like a young kid in many ways. I strongly and profeticaly believe this with all my heart. I have trained probably well over 2000 yearlings and older to find out that thier associations with us as well as their moms they act the same in every faction as does a human baby.

Now don’t hem me up to the fence yet for that last remark. They may not act the same exactly but the same traits are there.

That so, there’s a powerful horse training principle we must remember to use.

The principle gets results from a horse like crazy.

Next time you’re out workin’ with your horse, you definitely want to have a goal in mind.

In other words, what are you wanting your horse to learn to do?

And, of course, it has to be fair.

By fair I mean we can’t expect too much when he’s not ready. For instance, if you teach a kindergartener his abc’s, you can’t suddenly expect him to read.

Same with horses. Gotta build on what they learn.

Anyway, with your goal in mind, look for the tiniest success of that goal.

When you get it, there’s a good stopping point.

It may take you 10 minutes to get it…or it may take an hour.

But when you get it, stop.


Because horses can get sour on doing something too much.

So let’s use a little horsey psychology and have ’em eatin’out of our hands.

Besides, when you get that tiny success, you will be surprised just how well they typically do it the next day.

Also look instantly in their eyes when they do what you ask and you give them praise. They almost tell you gee I done good didn’t I. And you will see a smile. You just have to look.

You’d swear they stayed up all night practicing.

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever done something so much that you become kind of disgusted with it?

Take work, for instance.

Have you ever suddenly had a revelation and you say to yourself, “I gotta get out of town for a few days or I’m gonna lose it!” ?

I know I have.

You can have tunnel vision for a while and before you know it, you’ve got a not-so-good attitude and it’s hurting you.

Your productivity is down.

You don’t feel as warm and friendly towards people that you normally do.

You’re just….I don’t know…not 100% yourself.

And you know…horses can get the same way.

Some can sour faster ‘n others.

Just like us humans, they are different from one another and each has different tolerance levels.

Why is this important?

Well, if you’re working with a horse who’s done what you asked and one day you notice he’s resistant about it…perhaps his “cup runneth over.”

In other words, maybe he’s souring on that particular thing.

A big mistake to make is to think, “By golly…you’re gonna do what I say or else!”

It’s not hard to make a horse mad and we certainly can’t out-muscle ’em.

So, we gotta out think ’em.

So if you suspect they’re souring about something, do something else.

You might even go for a nice ride for a day or two.

It’s okay to go for pleasure rides for a day or two. Just you and your horse. Leisurely walking. Enjoying each other. Not asking him to make any unusual or hard moves.

At times people get it in their heads that they gotta hurry and “get this horse trained.”


Unless you do it for living, don’t sweat the small stuff. You have time.

Take your time. Enjoy your horse.

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