Horse Wall Art Can Transform a Dull Wall Into a Horse Lover’s Dream Wall.

Horse Wall Art

Horse Wall Art Can Transform a Dull Wall Into a Horse Lover’s Dream Wall.

Here’s a glimpse of how equine wall art can literally transform a room from plain and ordinary into a horse lover’s haven. Imagine walking into a room whose walls have been brought to life by hanging hosre sculptures, galloping wall borders, breath-taking tile murals, life-like horse tapestry rugs, and even equine light switchplates.

As a fellow horse fanatic, I can assure you that I get a little thrill when I walk into a room that brings the majesty and beauty of the horse into such vivid imagery that it evokes both awe and admiration. The focus of this horse art home decor page is to present you with a vast array of stunning horse wall art that will inspire a vision for your horse lover’s home. This horse lover gift idea could become a wonderful tradition between you and your horse fan as you continue to add to their collection occasion after occasion.

Multi Canvas Wall Art Black Stallion

Supplied by Ash Wall Decor, this wall art is available framed in that it is already stretched onto canvas or unframed, which means you would have to do it yourself. Depending on your set up you can choose to offset the images as shown in this picture, or have the same sized prints or one large print. Whichever you decide no one can argue that this will look stunning in a modern household.

Removable Vinyl Wall Art

How Amazing is this find! This inexpensive Vinyl Wall Art (around USD 11 can be easily applied and removed to any dry flat surface. You can use it on Walls – Painted or Wallpapered (so long as the paper is smooth), glass, metal, ceramic, plastic and mirrors. Great if you are having a party and want a fun sticker for the evening too. The one we found was from Do be warned though the size is listed as 37cm x 47cm which is an awful lot smaller than it seems on the image. The reviews on the site do say people were dissapointed with the size, but still loved the sticker and said it was very easy to put on with no wrinkles.

Steel Wall Art

This is the same design as the Vinyl Art but made in Steel, it costs 10900 INR which is around $158, it measures 30 Inches High by 24 inches Wide. There are many different designs of this metal wall art available from Looking at their website though it does seem as though their main form of payment is Cash on Delivery so expect to have to go through some hoops to have this piece of art to hang on your wall as we’re not quite sure how that would work out!

Personalized Wall Art

Available from Amazon (Graphics & Tees) this modern sillouete style wall art can be personalised with the recipients name, it can be purchased in 3 sizes to fit all spaces and the largest is a massive 1220mm x 735mm. You can choose from 20 colours, if you want any other colour than black you do need to contact the seller direct.

Horse Print on Wood

Available from, this wall art is stunning, perfect for the minimalist style home or a beach house setting its both fresh and clean as a design. At £35 + shipping its a great price too. Size wise its 50cm x 50cm so a good size piece.

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