Breyer Horses make Gifts that are Both Treasured and Collectable.

Breyer Collectibles

Breyer horses are sought after by horse crazy kids. They are a collectable form of horse art for kids. Model horses in general make great gifts, but Breyer horses shine in this category of collectables.

When I was a kid, I collected Breyer horses, and now my daughter Rachel adds her own to that collection she inherited. Of course, leaving them in a box on the shelf allows them to increase in value, but I found great value as a kid, and so does my daughter, in using my imagination and my model horses for hours of fun. Either way, they make a great gift for young horse fans.

If at all possible, you should consider age, available display space, and the overall personality of your young horse enthusiast. This will help you to choose from the huge selection of Breyer horses available today. For example, you may want to choose a less expensive model for a kid who’s likely to play with it quite often, and a more “collectable” model for a more mature individual. You might also consider Stable Mates or Paddock Pals for those with less space to display them, and Classic or Traditional models for those with a lot of shelf space.

The accessories available today for these model horses are incredible, and it makes deciding on which items to give a bit more difficult. I’ve done my best to bring you a representative sample from the Net at reasonable best prices. We’ll start with everyone’s favorite “bargain shopper” store

Breyer dun horse

Breyer Mustangs Horse Set – Dun Appaloosa & Bear

Beautiful, wild and free, the mustang is a symbol of the American West. Now celebrate the power and grace of this amazing animal up close with this rearing Dun Appaloosa and Bear set, from the Wild Mustangs collection by Breyer. Your purchase helps preserve real mustangs in the wild.

Breyer spirit familyBreyer Spirit Kiger Mustang Family 3 Horse Set
Inspired by the Dreamworks animated movie “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron,” this set of 3 detailed Breyer figures celebrates Spirit and his family of Kiger Mustangs in all their beauty. Even the markings represent the Kiger breed accurately, while proceeds from your purchase help preserve real mustangs in the wild. One of two unique Spirit Kiger Mustang sets available at


Breyer stallionBreyer Mustangs Horse Set – Sacred Medicine Hat Stallion and Howling Grey Wolf
Beautiful, wild and free, the mustang is a symbol of the American West. Now celebrate the power and grace of this amazing animal up close with this Sacred Medicine Hat Stallion and Howling Wolf set, from the Wild Mustangs collection by Breyer. Proceeds from your purchase go toward preserving real mustangs in the wild. You can find it at has a fantastic selection of collectable Breyer horses, Breyer horse barns, Breyer dolls, and lots of Breyer accessories. They offer some great gift ideas that go beyond the simple model horse. Here are just a few examples to get those creative juices flowing.

These first 5 items are for those with limited space but not limited imgainations.

breyer horse set

Breyer New Arrival Play Set
Welcome the new arrival! Set includes: Stable Mate Bay mare and newborn foal, hay manger, water bucket, carrots, brush, straw, pitchfork and yellow corral fencing. Ages 6 and up.

breyer circus set

Breyer Circus Set
Set includes: two white Stablemates horses, decorative saddles and circus hoops, circus puppy, pedestal, jump and circus ring.

breyer paddock palsBreyer Paddock Pals Ranch Carrying Case
The stable you can take with you! Red plastic carrying case is authentically detailed and includes lots of accessories, including a horse! Inside are doors and shutters that open and close, paddock fencing, hay bales, water trough, feed sacks, fully furnished stable apartment, tack trunk, ladder, sawhorse and tools. You can find this case at Shop at

breyer minnie whinniesBreyer Mini Whinnies(TM) Tropical Paradise Play Set with Fold Out Barn
It’s hours of fun in the sun at this equine tropical paradise. Included are two horses, one foal, wrangler, water trough, club house, play mat, and more. Measures 9″L x 6″H x 8″D. For ages 6 and older.

breyerBreyer Mini Whinnies(TM) Australian Outback Adventure Play Set
Set includes horse and rider, Appaloosa horse, water trough, stock/ranch gate, three racing barrels, desert-motif play mat and more. Comes packed in a clear vinyl backpack. For ages 6 and older.

These next Breyer horse gifts are two gifts in one, for hours and years of pleasure. They also include three of my favoite horse books. Of course, I had so many favorites as a kid, it’s hard to choose.

breyer black stallion model

Walter Farley’s Black Stallion Breyer Horse
The legendary “Black” from the beloved classic, “The Black Stallion”. Comes with a newly released copy of the book.

national velvet
National Velvet’s Pie Breyer Horse The classic story of a young girl named Velvet Brown and Pie, the horse she wins in a raffle, and their quest to win England’s most famous race, the Grand National. The best-selling book was written by Enid Bagnoid. Comes with the paperback novel, National Velvet. Limited quantities available

my friend flicka

My Friend Flicka w/Book
Based on the 1943 movie and the TV series, Flicka is a lovely horse that shows the devoted relationship between a young horse and young boy. A model of Flicka comes with a copy of this well-loved book.

breyer model

Majestad CD
A magnificent Andalusian that equine photographer Robert Vavra captured in his best-selling book comes with a CD of original music featuring the sounds of horses and orchestral sound.

These next three items allow your young horse fan to have a hand in creating their own unique model horse.

breyer model

Horse Customizing Kit With Mohair
Get creative! Use your imagination. This kit lets you paint your own horse and add real hair for the mane and tail. Includes unpainted Classic-size horse, six water-soluble acrylic paints, 3 brushes, glue, mohair and instructions.

We have to throw in at least one educational model.

breyer visable horse

Visible Horse Educational Model
Follow the easy instructions to assemble a detailed replica of a horse with a skeleton and vital organs. Learn how a horse moves, where it is most vulnerable to injury, the position of its vital organs and more with this anatomically accurate model. Three to five fun hours of model-building with detailed illustrated guide. Ages 10 to adult. Finished horse is 12″H x 14″L.

These Breyer Horse Accessories are sure to please any model horse collector.

horse and buggy

Doctor’s Buggy Play Set by Breyer
Breyer brings you the traditional horse-power of yesteryear with their finely crafted wagon sets. Perfect for giving or expanding your collection. Fits Breyer Stable Mates.

breyer harness

Fine Harness & Meadowbrook Cart
Realistically detailed cart with room for two comes with a fine leather harness and all the accessories.

breyer clydsdale

Breyer Delivery Wagon with Clydesdale Team
Finely detailed and hand-crafted authentic delivery wagon with leather show harness and Clydesdale team captures the nostalgia of a time gone by. Each hand-decorated Clydesdale has its own unique stance.

breyer peruvian paso

Peruvian Paso Gift Set
This special limited edition of 1500 sets includes a costumed 8″ rider in authentic Peruvian horseman’s attire. Includes the unique traditional leather saddle. The rider holds a tray a champagne glass.

breyer western
Breyer Cimarron Western Saddle
Breyer’s Cimarron Western Pleasure Saddle is crafted from genuine leather and beautifully adorned with embossed skirts and fenders. Comes with fancy saddle pad featuring embossed wear leathers.

breyer horse clothing

Breyer Horse Clothing Kit
Protect your Breyer from the elements and have fun, too. Three blanket set fits traditional sized Breyers. Includes plaid show cooler, anti-sweat sheet and a blanket with matching shipping boots. Each has the Breyer logo.

breyer wash pony

Breyer Wash Ponies® Stall Barn
Stall barn has a working water pump, hose, and hay wrench. Includes a Bay Pinto horse. Easy to assemble. 16 1/2″ H x 15″ W x 12 3/4″ L.

breyer vet set

Breyer Veterinarian With Vet Set
Fully poseable, Breyer’s vet can diagnose, treat and heal a wide variety of Breyer’s traditional sized model horses. Complete with fully equiped vet kit.

breyer farier with tools

Breyer Farrier with Tools
Whether forging the perfect shoe or rasping a hoof, Breyer’s farrier gets the job done! Complete with blacksmith tools to recreate an authentic blacksmith shop.

grooming set

Breyer Grooming Kit
You won’t believe he intricacies on this finely detailed kit. Includes hardwood grooming box, sweat scraper, curry comb, hoof pick, face brush, hoof polish, electric clippers and mud scraper.

breyer cleaning set

Breyer Cleaning Set
Includes broom, shovel, pitchfork, muck bucket, wheel barrow and imitation manure.

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