A Picture Frame as a Unique and Personal Horse Gift?? You bet!

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A picture frame containing a picture of your recipient’s horse is a great gift in itself. But if you are willing to do just a little gluing, and maybe a little cutting, you can make it into a work of art that will definitely bring a big smile to your loved one’s face each time he or she admires it.

If you really want to create a one-of-a-kind horse gift, get ready to design your own decorative picture frame, custom made to fit the horse lover on your list. Are you ready? Great! Let your creativity run wild, and let’s get started.

Now you need to find just the right picture frame. There are certainly lots to choose from, but I recommend one that will hold an 8×10 picture…bigger is better here. You’re going to be using a wide frame and covering it with “horsey” decortations, so you need a large enough horse picture to keep it from being dwarfed by the frame. Your decorative picture frame should enhance the horse picture, not take away from it.

Now that you have selected your picture frame, on to Phase II: choosing your “horsey” decorations. The choices you make here should reflect the horse lover’s riding discipline, horse hobbies, horse breed, etc. as well as providing a hint of your own personal style. Here are some examples to wake up your creative side and get you brainstorming:

Breyer Stable Mate have a great selection horses to choose from, like the Stable Mates Gift Set by Breyer. These Breyer miniatures are just the right size to accent your photo frame. They com in packs of 1, 2, & 4. Look for the breed that your horse lover has.

Or try one of these Mini Whinnies(TM) Mares Collection They’re the perfect size for your picture frame, and you can even use more than one if you want to. You also have a variety of breeds and color to choose from. if you don’t find the one you want in the mares collection, take a look at the Stallion or Foal collections.

Here are some more suggestions:

**Breyer doll or tack, like this Paddock Pals Western Games by Breyer

**Barbie stable items, boots, cowboy hat, hunt cap or tack, like the accessories that come with Cali Girl Horse Riding – Lea or Cali Girl Horse Riding – Barbie

**The little cowgirl and horse in this Fisher-Price Little People: Horse, Farmer Girl and Farmer Boy would make really cute frame adornments.

**Accessories from any type of horse set will work if they’re the right size, like this english tack set in this Pony Club Cob Horse and Accessories or these accessories in this Madeline: Horse Grooming Play Adventure for 8″ Poseable Dolls

I was fortunate enough to be able to raid my daughter’s horse accessories (with her permission of course) for a lot of the items I used to decorate my picture frame. I dug a few out of my craft box from past birthday parties, etc. I’ll have a picture of it in here for you soon so you can get some ideas.

You’ve got your supplies, so let’s grab some wood glue or craft glue and put that masterpiece together. Don’t forget to personalize the mat too. Make sure you include names, dates, and maybe the occasion. Once the glue dries, and you have your mat pesonalized and your horse picture in place, hang it up on the wall and give it a final “once-over” to make sure its just the way you want it.

Once you’re satisfied with your finishing touches, all that remains is to have your camera ready to catch the expression on your horse lover’s face when you present them with your decorative picture frame, or should I say, your horse picture masterpiece.

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