10 Horse T-shirts that Can Change Your Whole Outlook for the Day

Funny Horse T Shirts

If laughter is the best medicine, a funny t-shirt is the right prescription. A horse shirt or sweatshirt that brings a smile to your horse lover’s face, or better yet, evokes an outright laugh, is a valuable gift indeed. Where can you find the best horse t shirts ever?

As a fellow horse fanatic, I’m going to boldly make a statement for the group as a whole: after our horses, we do also care deeply about a few other important things. You will find featured on this page a variety of comical, whimsical, with often oh-so-true sentiments that will not only bring a smile to your horse fan’s face, but to those he or she encounters throughout the day when wearing your gift. If you don’t find just the right t-shirt for your horse fan pictured among this small sampling of funny t-shirts, simply follow one of the corresponding links below for a bigger selection to choose from.

1. Help me Back on My Horse

Who hasn’t hit dirt on their horse and been left facing the wrong way up! This T Shirt will bring a smile to anyones face and is available in 6 colours and sizes S to XXXL.

2. If you want a Stable Relationship get a Horse

Stable Relationship
Now we all know that when things are tough with our relationships that there is one thing we can all count on in life, and thats our horse! We have to because they cost us a ton of money to keep them each month! This T shirt from Etsy.com comes in 6 Colours and is available in Womens XS to 4XL

3. There are those that lose their Husbands to Golf.. and then…

So, we’ve all heard women being described as golf widows, so here is one for the guys who find themselves on their own at the weekends in favour of their wife’s four legged friend – their horse. Available from votacolor.com in Black, Navy or Forest Green – mens sizes Small to 6XL.

4. All I care about is my Horse

all I care about is my horse
Come on, we know this is probably the truth, when you have horses they are all consuming, we come home from a day with them, looking and smelling like a barn – even when our horse looks amazing, clean =, preened and tucked up in a lovely stable. This T Shirt says it all. Available from redbubble.com in 17 colours sizes S to 3XL unisex design.

5. Thelwell

No Funny T Shirt Collection would be complete without a classic Thelwell design. Thelwell ponies are roly poly, shaggy maned and very naughty! They are always ridden by bouncing little ones who couldnt care less about their naughty steeds! These T Shirts come in 20 different colours and in sizes Mens Small to 4XL. They are supplied by CafePress.com.

6. Thelwell Champions

This lovely premium kids T Shirt is available from Spreadshirt.com (or.co.uk) Its available in 15 colours and from 2 years to 8 years. Featuring a beaming Thelwell Girl on a Rearing Messy Thelwell Pony its a classic design that will have any horse lover chuckling.

7. Horse Show Mom

Horse Show Mom
What do Horse Show Moms do, that’s right, they pay the bills and hold the pony! Guaranteed to get fellow horse moms and dads give you knowing nods and laughs this T Shirt is pretty cool!. Available in 4 Colours and in Sizes S – 2XL from customcre8tive.com. They also have the same T Shirt for Dads so they don’t feel left out when they empty their wallets for their childs hobby.

8. Horse Racing Gal

This one is perfect for Horse Loving Teens who want a T Shirt that smacks of “Cool”. Available from Amazon.

9. Horse Baby Gro’

Horse Baby Gro
Also available on Amazon, of course its never too soon to ask for a pony!! They do come in mini sizes after all!

10. One for the Colour

Ok so this T Shirt isnt funny as such, but we still think it would bring a smile to any horse lovers face. This 3D Style T Shirt is stunning and is available in 6 designs and sizes S to XXL.

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